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Academics and Daily Homework


Homework Recommendations


 Grade 6  Grade 7 Grade 8

Team AB

Ms. Cohen
Ms. Krauss
Ms. Mortimer
Mr. Spiegel

Team A

Ms. Levy

Ms. Boyle

Team B
Mr. Waldman
Mr. King

Grade 6 Resource Center

Team C

Ms. Hall
Ms. Rice
Ms. Robles

Mr. Souza

Team D

Ms. Cortese
Mr. Leone
Ms. Buttiglieri

Mr. LaBrache

Gr. 7 Resource Center

Team E

Mr. Hayes
Ms. Mercado
Ms. Papazian

Ms. Singers

Team F

Ms. LeQuire
Ms. Peters
Mr. Swan
Mr. Yerardi



World Languages FAA/PE

Ms. Calabria

Ms. Gao

Ms. Langlois

Ms. Martin

Ms. Mulligan

Ms. Verdaguer

Mr. Weisberg

Ms. Bluestein
Ms. Richardson



Ms. Taglienti

Health & Wellness: 
Mr. Burtch

Ms. Alberts

Mr. Livingston

Engineering Technology:
Mr. Whitman

Ms. Coppola
Ms. Manion
Mr. Prendergast

Information Technology  

Ms. Summa

Instructional Technology/ Tech Support:
Ms. Costello
Ms. Davison






  1. Students in the 6th grade at Bigelow Middle School are expected to do an average of 1 to 1 1/2 hours of homework weeknights.  Students in the 7th grade at Bigelow Middle School are expected to do an average of 2 hours of homework weeknights.  Students in the 8th grade at Bigelow Middle School are expected to do 2 to 2 1/2 hours of homework weeknights and weekends.  If homework is not completed by the start of class, students are expected to stay after school with the teacher.  Weekends are to be used for review, long term projects and keeping pace with all assignments.
  2. All students are expected to use an assignment notebook to record their assignments.
  3. Assignment notebooks and monthly calendars should be used to break down long-term assignments into steps.  When students are given a schedule outlining due dates, parents should monitor the completion of each section of the assignment.
  4. Students are encouraged to read for one half hour each night.
  5. Students should look at each night’s assignments and focus first on the ones they have to do in one night.  They should determine the necessary time needed for each subject.  If students find that the work continually takes more than a total of 2 hours to complete each night, then parents should send a note to the teacher(s) stating that their child worked 2 hours and did not have time to complete the work.  Guidance will work with students, parents and teachers to develop a plan to address homework issues.
  6. Staff will help facilitate student study skills.  If time concerns are raised, teachers will ask students to record how long it takes to do each assignment.  Discussions will be held with classes on how to manage and complete work in a timely fashion.
  7. Team members will collaborate on assignments to help ensure that students are not overburdened.  Team teachers will take into consideration assignments given by world language teachers.  Team calendars will be posted to record assignments.  Teachers may suggest how long students are expected to spend on given assignments.
  8. Teams will meet to discuss homework expectations.
  9. New homework and new projects will not be assigned during vacations, but daily reading is expected.  Vacation time can be used to complete make-up work.
  10. Long weekends and vacations are designated as times when no new work is assigned so that families have time together.  Three-day holidays occur almost every month and this ensures a homework-free weekend.  Teams will post this on their calendar.  Students may use these times to catch up on assignments.